Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mono Shoot

A makeup artist I've worked with came up with this idea of "Mono".  The concept was to use black and white clothing in black and white surrounding with makeup that enhances this look.  I was happy to shoot this with her during a group shoot.

The first set of photos were taken against a white background shot with two speedlights set up by another photographer Paul Watkinson.  A Canon 580EX in a beauty dish to the right and a Canon 430EX in a softbox to the left, triggered with Phottix Odin.  I desaturated the images and added a slight vignetting.

Model: Name removed by request
Makeup, Hair, Styling: Jean Fernand

The second set up was shot on a black and white check flooring.  I believe these images are much stronger and much closer to the concept of "Mono".  On the second image, I did have to change the colour of the blue wall and removed two ugly pictures that were on the wall.  Lighting was very simple, only using my Strobeam DL4 with a shoot through umbrella.

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